ExceptionALLY Testimonials

At ExceptionALLY, we love talking to parents of children with unique needs. Seriously, we can’t get enough. Parent conversations keep us connected to the families we support. This connection is essential to our mission.

In the last few months since we’ve launched our support tool (geared toward parents raising children with Autism Spectrum Disorder), we’ve had a lot of these conversations! We’ve received lots of helpful feedback and several encouraging remarks as well. Here are a few testimonials from parents, educators and supporters.


“This tool is wonderful. I like the way it’s broken down – very understandable for parents, staff and teachers.” – mother of a 14-year-old son with ASD

“Excellent concept… I’ve not seen anything like this out there anywhere else.” – special education lawyer

“This tool gives the parent a voice. Otherwise, you’re relying on the schools, and they’re trying to individualize the plans, but they don’t know your kid like you do.” – father of a 5 year old son with ASD

“Brilliant. This tool is so smart. Is it available in Spanish, too?” – special educator in Colorado

“I would love to see this expanded for students with SLD.” – former elementary school principal

“This tool completely turned around the tone of the IEP meeting.” – grandmother to a 8 year old boy with ASD


We love to hear how our tool is helping families, and we’re not done yet! We won’t stop until all parents have the knowledge and know-how they need to help their exceptional kids thrive.



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