With ExceptionALLY, easily communicate what your child needs. Create an Exceptionality Action Plan to ensure educators and caregivers understand your child’s needs.


ExceptionALLY supports parents in the special education (IEP) process.
Bridging the communication gap between parents and educators,
ExceptionALLY lifts the parent’s voice during the IEP development and implementation.

here’s how it works

Parent completes questionnaire about student’s development

Parent selects preferred school supports

ExceptionALLY provides customized Exceptionality Action Plan to parent

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Parents of children with special needs feel like they’re constantly making life changing decisions by themselves. At ExceptionALLY, we provide solutions to help parents of children with special needs ensure their children have a high quality of life.

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User Testimonials
“This tool completely turned around the tone of the IEP meeting.” – grandmother to a 8 year old boy with ASD
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“Brilliant. This tool is so smart. Is it available in Spanish, too?” – special educator in Colorado
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